I haven’t been around much lately. Busy making merch and lining up shows. Like this beautiful little ska get together in my hometown. If you’re close by, stop on in. You will not regret it.

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MAD Magazine recreates Norman Rockwell’s famous 1958 painting ‘The Runaway’

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Legendary Shack Shakers - Blood on the Blue Grass

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"Anarchists take an extreme anti-authoritarian position which fights for the abolition of all structures of domination and coercion such as the state, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy. Some anarchists extend this opposition to the foundations of civilization itself and others center their antagonisms on an anti-capitalist politics that rejects state power as a tool for liberation. Most anarchists seek forms of living and working together grounded in practices of self-organization, mutual aid, collective decision making and direct action that undermine hierarchical power structures. This almost always puts anarchists in direct opposition to professional activists and the nonprofit managers of movements."

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So I’m gunna be relocating to Louisiana with my band. Anybody wanna set up a house show? Jam? Or just hang out! Please hit me up so that we aren’t alone! We’ll be hopping back and forth between baton rogue and New Orleans. Give me a call: 863.253.9979
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My band is called clem mcgillicutty and the burnouts

Stay filthy my frandz
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Peter Joseph on structural violence, from this video.

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